We look for unique & unusual items (& products). The one-of-a-kinds & hard to finds. The cool stuff you don't see on the beaten path...


Original place. Original stuff. From photography & fine art to hand-crafted jewellery, furniture, lighting fixtures, sculptures & more.


Honestly, we've talked customers out of purchases if they aren't going to be getting just what they want. If you are happy & feel fairly treated, you'll be back.


An Adventure in Shopping


You just never know what you'll find at This & That Redux. You may go in looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative & end up finding that 'thing' you've been hunting for years. We get new items all the time so each visit feels like a brand new adventure. The variety & eclectic nature of the shop ensures that we have items of interest for just about everyone.

Vintage meets Modern

Two worlds collide at This & That... The new & the old. In some cases, a marriage of modern & vintage that spawns original creations from old objects & breaths new function into old forms.