Bespoke Furniture

Vintage/ Industrial

Two vintage ironing boards joined with industrial piping combine to form this unique coffee table creation inspired by mid-century designs. SOLD to D. Perigoe, Toronto.

Up-cycled & Refreshed

Comic Book Dresser

A fun and refreshing way to renew a less than interesting dresser. Using actual comics (tho no original vintage pages) and a great deal of time and patience... Also available - Comic-covered folding card table and Coffee Table/Trunk.

Custom Lighting

Vintage Toaster Lamp

As a toaster, it was toast (and dangerous). As a lamp/art piece, it's funky (and low-voltage safe). One example of how we give old form, function again! SOLD locally.

Sculptural Lighting

Robot Lamp

Created from various salvaged materials including microscope, electric, computer & lamp parts and fitted with a modern, low-voltage, LED internal light module. SOLD locally.