Covid 19 safety protocols are in place. Face masks are mandatory, as per provincial guidelines.

Regular sanitization of commonly touched surfaces is ongoing although we also ask that you sanitize your hands before, or directly upon, entering the store.

We have also decided to reduce our regular hours during the slower winter months. In part due to rising case counts, but also to allow staff more time with family. The health of our customers, family and friends is paramount. Thank you.

Cool Vintage

An ever growing & changing, carefully curated, collection of unique & unusual vintage treasures awaits at This & That. Original vinyl records to cameras & clocks...

Modern & Bespoke

Just because we like the old stuff doesn't mean we don't like some of the new stuff too. Custom & hand-crafted furniture & lighting as well as local art, jewellery, sculpture, gadgets, decor & more...

Star Wars & More

Yes. Star Wars in a big way. In a dedicated Star Wars room kinda way... It's a bit of a specialty tho we also have a great selection of Comics & Vintage Toys spanning the decades...

Unique. Original.

This is not your average vintage shop. Definitely not your average collectibles shop. In fact, it's not an average shop at all. It's an adventure for the senses as well as the best kind of nostalgia trip down memory lane.

Our name reflects the eclectic nature of the items we carry and over the years we have seen a vast array of beautiful & fascinating curiosities pass through the shop.

You never know what you'll find at any given time, mostly because we never know what will catch our eye, - until, of course, it does.

A short list of items we regularly have through the shop include original art and creations by local artists, home & 'cave' decor, furnishings and fixtures, art lamps and sculptures, 35mm and 8mm film cameras, projectors and other photographic accessories, typewriters, old license plates,  locks and keys, advertising and signs, clocks and watches, tins and bottles, posters, books, vintage and modern toys, model cars and trains...etc.



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